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  • Huawei ETP48200-C5B6 embedded communication power supply 48V200A

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
    Brand Name: Huawei/ZTE/Emerson
    Certification: CE, RoHS
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
    Price: Depends on quantity
    Packaging Details: Original packing
    Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
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    • Specifications

    Huawei ETP48200-C5B6 embedded communication power supply 48V200A

    Huawei ETP48200-C5B6 is an AC/DC 48V embedded power system that can be installed in standard 19 or 23 inch cabinet.,maximum match 4 pcs 48V 50A rectifier, max current 200A.

    Each functional unit adopts standardized size design, supports hot swap, The system can adapt to a wide range of AC input, using intelligent battery management, remote monitoring and other functions.


    1 1U rectifier module:high density(42.7W/inch3), high efficiency(>96%),reliable output at high temeperature(below 55℃ without derating)

    2 Power supply wide working temperaute:-40~+65℃

    3 The module support hot swapping,easy maintance

    4 Compact structure,saving space and installation cost.

    5 Perfect sleep module function, further improve system efficiency.

    6 Intellgient battery management and battery protection to extend battery life.

    7 Support enviroment monitoring,can realize remote management through dry contact, RS485 or RS232 .


    l Wireless base station

    l Transport network

    l Enterprise communication network


    Type ETP48200-C5B6
    System Size(W × D × H) 482.6 mm × 330 mm × 219.5 mm
    Weight ≤ 20 kg(non-rectifier )
    Cooling mode Natural cooling
    Installation mode 19 inch or 23 inch relay rack or embedded cabinet
    Cabling mode Top in Top out
    Maintenance mode Front maintenance
    IP grade IP20
    AC distribution Input mode 220/380 Vac 3 phase ,compatible 220 Vac single phase
    Input voltage 85–300 Vac,Rated voltage:220 Vac
    Frequency 45–66 Hz,Rated efficiency:50/60 Hz
    Battery breakers 1 × 63 A/3P
    SPD 20/40 kA,8/20 μs
    AC output
    DC distribution Output voltage 42–58 Vdc,Rated:53.5 Vdc
    Max capacity 12 kW
    Battery breakers 2 × 125 A/1P
    Load breakers 1 × 80 A/1P,6 × 32 A/1P
    Batery breakers 1 × 80 A/1P,2 × 32 A/1P,1 × 10 A/1P
    SPD 10/20 kA,8/20 μs
    Rectifier Type R4850G2
    Rated power 3000 W (176–300 Vac)
    Dimension(W× D× H) 105 mm × 281 mm × 40.8 mm
    Efficiency > 96%
    Controller Type SMU06C1
    Communication port RS232, RS485
    Enviroment Operating temperature –40℃ ~ +65℃

    (Between 3000~4000 meters,derating1℃ at per 200 meters )

    Storage temperature –40% ~ +70%
    Humidity 5% – 95%(non-condensing)
    Altitude 0 – 4000 m


    Key Features of ETP48200-C5B6:

    1. Advanced Control: ETP48200-C5B6 offers advanced control options, enabling precise power management tailored to specific needs.
    2. Remote Monitoring: Equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, this power supply unit allows real-time status updates and control, simplifying power resource management.
    3. Scalability: The unit is scalable, making it well-suited for applications that require variable power outputs, offering flexibility as power needs evolve.
    4. Efficiency and Reliability: ETP48200-C5B6 excels in efficiency and reliability, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply for critical systems.
    5. Durable Construction: Engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it is particularly suited for outdoor and industrial applications where durability is of utmost importance.

    Applications Across Industries:

    The ETP48200-C5B6 power supply unit is applicable in a wide array of industries and scenarios, including:

    1. Data Centers: Ensuring continuous power supply for critical data center equipment, guarding against downtime and data loss.
    2. Telecommunications: Supporting the infrastructure of the telecommunications industry, where dependable power management is essential for network reliability.
    3. Industrial Automation: Providing the necessary power for manufacturing processes and control systems, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.
    4. Renewable Energy: Efficiently converting and distributing power from renewable sources, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.
    5. Outdoor Installations: Thriving in challenging outdoor conditions, the ETP48200-C5B6 is an ideal choice for various outdoor setups, such as remote communication stations and off-grid power sources.

    The ETP48200-C5B6 power supply unit is a versatile and reliable solution for a broad range of power management needs. While specific search engine rankings, such as on Google, cannot be guaranteed, optimizing your content with relevant keywords like “ETP48200-C5B6” can enhance its visibility.

    To explore the full potential of the ETP48200-C5B6 in addressing your specific power management requirements, consider reaching out to our experts. With its advanced features, flexible design, and comprehensive technical specifications, this power supply unit is well-equipped to meet the diverse and demanding power needs of today’s ever-evolving world.

    Huawei ETP48200-C5B6 Power suplyHuawei ETP48200-C5B6

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